The Sheng Yen Education Foundation (hereinafter ‘The Foundation’) provides a grant scholarship to support young scholars in Chinese Buddhism & the thoughts of Master Sheng Yen research.

1.    Eligibility:

(1)   Master or Ph. D. graduate students from domestic or international universities with approved theses/dissertation proposals and qualifier exams.

(2)   This application must be submitted within two years of the thesis proposal being approved. 

(3)   Theses or Dissertations written in Chinese, English or Japanese.

(4) Approved topics-- Master’s theses on topics related to the thoughts of Master Sheng Yen; Ph.D. theses on topics related to Chinese Buddhism or the thoughts of Master Sheng Yen.


2.    Award Amount:

(1)   Five grants each for Master students and Ph. D. students every year; fellowship may be subject to annual budgetary approval, numbers of applicants, and final reviews.

(2)   NT$50,000 (tax included) each for Master student; NT$200,000 (tax included) each for Ph.D. student.


3.    Payment Schedule:

(1)   For Master students, NT$50,000 will be awarded after final thesis is received.

(2)   For Ph. D students, NT$80,000 will be awarded after the decision is made; the 2nd payment of NT$80,000 will be arranged upon receiving two-third of dissertation; and the final payment of NT$40,000 will be arranged after the completed dissertation is received. (one hard copy and one electronic copy should be sent to Sheng Yen Education Foundation)


4.    Required Documents:

(1)  The completed application form

(2)   Identity documents (official ID, and certificate of enrollment)

(3)   Biography (including information on your family, education, experience of extracurricular activities, self-evaluation, and lifetime goals and objectives);

(4)   Curriculum Vita

(5)   Master or Ph. D. transcript (please mail the official transcript to the Foundation and e-mail an electronic copy to;

(6)   Dissertation prospectus (Research questions, Literature review, Methodology, Timetable, Intended Contribution); please also include the approval of the prospectus that is signed by your advisor or a member of the committee;

(7)   A sample writing of dissertation for Ph. D fellowship (minimum 2 chapters).

(8)   Published articles or related researches.

(9)   Two recommendation letters (Referees please describe candidates’ research abilities, the importance of research, comprehensive review, etc. And please e-mail directly to

(10)  Other reference documents


5.    Application period:

Required application materials should be e-mailed to during July 01 and September 30, every year. Applicants who are not eligible for the grant, sent in incomplete documents, or applied after the deadline will not be considered.


6.    Sheng Yen Center for Chinese Buddhist Studies committee will review all the qualified applicants and make the final decision. The winner will be announced by December 31 on our website.


7.    Grantee’s Right and Responsibility:

(1)   Grantees shall complete their theses or dissertations and graduate within the maximum number of years regulated by the schools they attend. For those who could not complete their said degrees within the regulated period shall write letters of explanation to The Foundation. The awards will be retracted for those who fail to submit the letters of explanation and the awarded portion, if any, will have to be paid back to The Foundation.

(2)   The Foundation has right to retract grants or request winners to return grants if theses or dissertations are proved on the condition of fraud, alteration, plagiarism, infringement or any violation of academic ethics.

(3)   The grantees are obliged to inform The Foundation of any change in the research proposal. The Foundation reserves the right to retract the grants if the grantees fail to report any change.

(4)   Any future research publication that stems from this grant shall acknowledge funding received from The Foundation and submit an electronic copy to The Foundation.

(5)   Grantee is obliged to attend the conference held by The Foundation for the award and give a presentation on the research.


8.     The regulations are formally submitted by Sheng Yen Center for Chinese Buddhist Studies and come into effect upon the approval of Board of Directors of The Foundation. The same procedure should apply for amendments.