Post results announcement

The 4th Modern Chinese Buddhism Forum-Post results announcement

---Accepted Proposal List by name---

Adamek, Wendi Leigh 韋聞迪

Huang, Weilong 黃偉龍

Kwak, Roe 郭磊

Lau, Ngar-Sze 劉雅詩

Liu, Yifeng 刘懿凤

Qiu, Yifei 邱奕菲

Tsomo, Karma Lekshe

Wang, Jia 王佳

Yang, Gang 楊剛

Zhao, Dong 趙冬


1. The list is sorted by the last name from A to Z.

2. The SYEF will contact each selected authors through email by Sep 28.

3. If you have any question, please contact